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pete headshotIn case you hadn’t somehow gleaned this information already, “Pete” is Pete Mrsich, a graphic designer for over 12 years (since 1996 in case I forget to update) who’s worked in many different industries and mediums during his career, including advertising, direct mail/marketing, publishing, web design, new media and video as well. He also dabbles in cartooning & illustration, including serial comic strips and character design.

Work with Pete dot com

old banner for siteThe main reason I started the site was because I’d gone nearly two and a half years without an online portfolio, which got to the point of embarrassment as more & more people asked to see samples of my work. The graphic you see above represents all that existed at my previous domain, and the only element to change with each visit was the tagline.

A secondary objective was to provide some insight for the pieces in my book, as well as to unearth the roughs & sketches that were hatched during the creative process for each project. It’s not all pretty but some of it does merit a look-see, simply for its ultimate contribution to (or divergence from) the final product.

I’ve also amassed a great deal of doodlings and drawings in notebooks & sketchpads over the years, and I thought others might get a kick out of seeing what I was actually doing when I was *supposed* to be paying attention in art history class. Maybe my goofing off will somehow lead to a lucrative career in the cartooning business…? Time will tell!

Lastly, (but not leastly) I’m obviously hoping that the material here will inspire potential clients to give me a shout — after all I’m always looking for fun & exciting projects to be a part of… Use the contact form, or if you prefer to avoid mindless automation, send me a note using your favorite email client to pete at workwithpete dot com. You can also hook up with me on LinkedIn if you’re registered over there.

Anything else?

Pete does all of his work (and blogging) on a PowerMac G5 and a shiny new MacBook Pro. He enjoys baseball in the summer, video games in the winter, and a good slice of pizza most anytime of the day or night.

He lives, works & plays in southwestern Connecticut, although he will make it a point to let you know he was born & raised in New York – where *all* the good pizza is, of course. ;)

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