This was a pretty straight-forward “info” site for a local contractor. The goal was to convey his services to potential customers, display some photos according to each type of service, and lastly provide a method of contact for job estimates. Here’s the first round of ideas, complete with (hopefully non-perverted) German placeholder text:

As you can see I had some fun on the first layout – perhaps a little *too* much fun now that I look back on it. The fourth thumbnail had a trendy “web 2.0” look, but apart from the pad & pencil it was mostly uninspired. Ultimately we settled on the overall design of #3 – the client took a liking to the level from the second and third concepts, but also wanted to retain the tape measure from #1.

However the quality of those two images (pulled from Google) was less than desirable for a final product. I decided to re-draw them in Illustrator in sort of a ‘technical’ style, and was pretty satisfied with the result. Once I had completed my Illustrator work the rest of the layout went fairly smooth – here’s 4 pages from the various sections of the final site:



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