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Men’s Health Logos & Icons

No, not *that* Men’s Health, rather a direct-mail men’s health product I had been helping to develop for IMP. It never made it past the testing stage, but have a look at some logos I’d been tinkering with:

betterman logo #1betterman logo #2betterman logo #3betterman logo #4betterman logo #5betterman logo #6

I also started thinking about the various categories for the product itself, as well as fleshing out a couple of versions of the corresponding icons. Here’s one set:

category icon #1category icon #2category icon #3category icon #4category icon #5category icon #6category icon #7category icon #8

And here’s a group of alternates. In case you were having trouble making them out, the third one was supposed to a burner from an electric range, and I believe the fourth was a barbell. I honestly don’t remember what the first one was supposed to be — I think I can make out a heart?

alt category icon #1alt category icon #2alt category icon #3alt category icon #4alt category icon #5alt category icon #6

And finally, yes I’m aware of the Pearl Jam song of the same name as the product. I apologize if I somehow got it stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.

But, it could be worse.

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