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Virtu-Health Club

VHC Logo When I worked for IMP, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a lot of new product development – not only for the standard direct-mail fare (books, cards, binders, etc.) but for several alternate mediums that the company expressed interest in exploring. One particular round of development called for a fitness product, and it was pretty much left up to the group as to how we would adapt it for the customer. Being huge proponents of ‘new media’, myself and a fellow art director pushed for an online venture. Once we got the managing editor on board and the approval of some higher-ups, ‘Virtu-Healthclub’ was born.

Here’s the home page, guest and ‘member’ editions:

Unregistered home pageHome page - registered
The idea behind Virtu-Health Club was that when you registered at the site and entered your health information, you’d then be granted access to all of VHC’s “fitness tools” – exercise tutorials, calculators, recipes, gym finders, etc. More importantly you’d be assigned a ‘virtual trainer’ who would serve to motivate you throughout your entire regimen.

Over the course of a few months, we sketched out and produced at least 2 dozen Photoshop files for any and all possible screens on the site, created the trainers, and wrote a ton of meaningless filler copy to pull it all together. Take a look at the clip below (courtesy of Rand Interactive) to see it all in action:


As you can see, we had to be prepared for every feature of the site. That meant creating all the various modules (calendars, maps, etc.), icons for all the sections, finding photos of people actually doing the exercises, making up names of songs for the music page, writing snippets of health-driven articles, composing fake emails from the trainers — all this while trying to keep everything consistent and credible for the presentation. Oh, and we also had to think of a possible way that the company could produce the site and not go completely broke doing it.

Click the thumbs below to see the rest of the screens & concept art. I think you’ll get a chuckle out of some of it; there’s a lot of sleep deprivation in some of that copy. (Remember to click the green arrow to zoom!)

First AidVHC ConsultationVHC Chat roomVHC NutritionVHC Personal Log

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