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Back in late 2001 I got a call from my buddy Jeff Chandler of Art Gecko Studios who said he needed some help constructing a web site for one of his clients, a machine shop named Own Instrument. Jeff had previously designed the logo, a brochure and some stationary, but really wasn’t a ‘web guy’ per sé…

The client wanted a simple set of pages which would give an overview of the company’s history, facilities, end users, as well as any & all pertinent contact information (same as the print piece). Jeff provided a rough style & layout guide, as well as all the graphic material he had used in the brochure – the OI logo, personnel photos, and clip art of various tools used at the shop. My job was to fashion it all into a working site*.

Click on the images below to view a sampling of pages, and click here to visit and poke around the rest of the site yourself!

Own Instrument : Home pageOwn Instrument : About UsOwn Instrument : Facility List

Looking back, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed incorporating all the little parts & doo-dads into the design – I recall asking Jeff at one point if he actually had any *more* art we could use. Unfortunately he didn’t, and this was some time before Google images became part of the internet lexicon.

Just imagine how much we could have really cluttered up the site with all sorts of drill bits and gaskets had we started this project today!

The only thing that threw me for a loop was a last-minute request to add a special ‘note’ (on the home page) about how to navigate the site. I fully understand the need to spell certain things out sometimes, but the artist in me tends to get turned off whenever I’m forced to muck up a well-designed page with instructions for ‘n00bs’. Just move the mouse around, people!!

*You may have noticed that if you visit the root of the, you’re greeted with a short Flash intro movie. More on that later in another post…

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