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IMP softball intros

As with the soccer team, I signed up for softball pretty soon after I became a permanent employee at IMP. I also happened to be teaching myself how to program & animate in (Macromedia) Flash at the time, and thought it would be fun to create a short intro movie for the team’s web site (which I also developed). This movie served no real purpose other than to kill about 20 seconds and to show off my budding Flash skills – which, not coincidentally, is why most Flash intro movies became the scorn of the internet.

Here’s one of the versions I produced in 1999: (two more after the jump):

Turns out we won the division championship in 2000, and so I tweaked the original movie to reflect that – note the new colors and the new ‘championship’ music:

For yet another version in 2001, I experimented with a technique called ‘rotoscoping’ – I traced over a couple of video clips of our guys in action (each frame by hand), added a ball, the glass-breaking effect and here’s the result:

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