imp logoWhen I first started my career with IMP in 1997, it was as a freelance designer in their ‘Family Education’ department. While it’s always nice to start out on an hourly basis to get a feel for the office, the downside to working this way is that you basically reap *none* of the benefits that the company has to offer – holiday gifts, bonuses, passes for the parking garage, Christmas parties, you name it.

Another such perk I wasn’t able to take advantage of was to participate in the company’s recreational sports programs – at the time IMP had teams for softball, basketball & I believe volleyball as well. Now, I don’t consider myself the model athlete, but I like to think I don’t embarrass myself either. As soon as I achieved full-time status with the company, one of the first things I did was join the softball team, and later the newly-formed indoor soccer squad.

And it just so happened that the soccer team needed a logo for their uni’s – guess who volunteered to design it. Take a look (alternate versions after the jump):

IMP soccer

The project went pretty smoothly – after all, it *was* a simple adaptation of the corporate icon (above right). The logos I created were displayed for the team after one of the early practice sessions, votes were cast, and the shirts were produced shortly thereafter.

Here’s a few other versions that were rejected. Now that I look back on these, I think I might have preferred to include the element of the goal net in the final logo. Although more than a few team members thought it detracted from the ‘IMP’ portion of the design. I’m still torn – perhaps if I’d been a bit more subtle with the color of the net?

IMP soccer alt3IMP soccer alt2IMP soccer alt1


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