‘Garage of Pain’ sounds a bit like where the movie ‘Saw’ might have taken place, but it’s actually a nickname for a series of LAN parties that a friends and I organize and participate in. For the very first party (May of 2002), about six or seven of us set up our computers in the host’s garage (duh), and we spent the day competing against each other in FPS games such as ‘Medal of Honor’ and ‘Quake 2′

I had the cameras rolling as people screamed, laughed & taunted each other throughout the afternoon. The clip below contains the introduction to the Garage of Pain ‘highlight’ video, which I later burned to DVD for everyone who attended the party. (more info after the jump…)


As you can see, I had a lot of fun playing around with titling effects and a handful of filters included with Final Cut Pro. Since it was a personal project with no real parameters or a deadline, I experimented a lot in the editing process. A lot of quick cuts, zooms & special effects allowed me to not only give the production a snappy pace, but to re-use footage in different places as well.

Expect more ‘GOP’ stuff later as I continue to dig through my archives…


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