MC bannerAround the time I registered with the “MacCentral” forums back in 2002, a group of members had devised a project whereby 48 individuals would each create a piece of artwork that was to be assembled into a single large ‘mosaic’. When this mosaic was completed, the group had the artwork professionally printed, signed and auctioned off for charity at 2002′s ‘MacWorld’ Expo in New York. I missed my chance to participate in this first mosaic, but it wasn’t long before someone brought up the idea of creating a *second* mosaic — I quickly jumped on board, not wanting to be left out in the cold again.

On top of my requirements to create a tile, I also volunteered to produce a video showcasing the mosaic artists & their work. Here’s a snippet that includes part of the introduction (narrated by Senior Editor of, Jim Dalrymple), as well as the first few tiles of the mosaic (further info after the jump).


To begin the production, I first requested that each artist send me a description of how they constructed their tile (audio, video or text), a collection of screenshots outlining the tile’s progress, and any miscellaneous imagery they deemed appropriate to the piece. For those artists who simply sent a text description, I procured the services of a few other forum members to narrate — some of whom had actual experience with voiceovers. In the handful of instances that I received no extra material from the artist, I simply displayed the tile over the music. This turned out to be the biggest challenge of the project – collecting all the artists’ info, that is – some were resistive to the idea of a video, and others simply just couldn’t be tracked down.

The next task was to somehow arrange the tile segments in such an order where I didn’t have too many similar clips butting up against each other. I couldn’t have 2-3 tiles in a row that had the same voiceover, or 2-3 tiles in a row with no voiceover at all. With 48 tiles to fit into the video, you can imagine my dilemma. I also had to select the right type music to play behind the clips – obviously most of the tiles had a narrative element, so I didn’t want lyrics or raucous guitar solos overpowering that.

Also throw in the need for background graphics, audio mixing, DVD menus, and not to mention massive amounts of video rendering – this was a full-fledged production, damn it! About the only thing I *didn’t* include were labels and box art. Everyone pretty much received an unmarked mosaic disc in a jewel case, but don’t think I didn’t contemplate doing something more extravagant.

Once everything was complete many months later (in between a full-time job and house hunting on the weekends), I then offered up copies of the DVD to the forum members involved in the project, requesting only a small fee to reimburse myself for the costs of the discs, the envelopes and the shipping.

I actually still have the files ready to burn – if you’re interested in a copy for yourself, feel free to use the contact page to submit a request! :)


2 Responses to “MacCentral Mosaic: DVD”

  1. luciferase on December 5th, 2007 11:29 am |

    Thanks for putting that up and starting the clip with the best tile. I sound like I should have been a radio DJ.

  2. Cherie on December 15th, 2007 3:04 am |

    I remember this! It’s a bit fuzzy, but I’d signed up to do this as well and either was too late or when it was my turn, I wasn’t able to do it. Either way, I do remember this project. I’d forgotten all about it…

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