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One of the more interesting projects I worked on was a web site for a local wedding band. I was contacted by one of the musicians who knew little about web design but knew exactly what he wanted – my favorite type of client, by the way.

The final product turned out to be only seven pages in total, but the real challenge turned out to be the multimedia components of the site – and keeping those components relatively ‘on the cheap’ to fit within the client’s budget. - - Meet the Band

The components of which I speak were a photo & video gallery, and a ‘music sample’ page, which would contain embedded clips of the band playing some of their repertoire. Luckily, YouTube makes it ridiculously easy to place their content in a web page, and Yahoo had a nifty little media player which let me set up individual songs for instant playback right on the page – no offsite links or launching of an external application needed. - photos & - Our Music



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