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Bottom Line – Tabloid Covers

In my previous position at Boardoom, Inc., I mostly handled a lot of pre-press duties, but I also helped to design many mail pieces, not the least of which included several ‘tabloids’, which is industry-speak for a direct marketing brochure that folded out much like a city newspaper (i.e. The New York Post) — and also because of its supermarket-tabloid style of design.

Here’s a few examples of this sort of work (which you can also view on the portfolio page):

Boardroom tabloid cover - 1 Boardroom tabloid - 2
Boardroom tabloid cover - 3

As you can see by my examples, most of these pieces rely on a certain formula – sensational headline and/or accompanying image, followed by some enticing copy which hopefully leads the reader further into the tabloid.

The desired end result, of course, is for said reader to purchase the product after being enticed for approximately 17 to 20 pages. :)

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