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Logo: The Stone Church Music Club

A few years back I got in touch with an old colleague and softball teammate of mine, and it turns out he was living up in New Hampshire and had just helped to purchase a music club called The Stone Church.  Naturally I offered up my services as a designer, although I suspected the budget for marketing materials wouldn’t be anything substantial, seeing as they had just spent a ton of dough revamping all the plumbing and electrical systems…

Nevertheless, I went back and forth with him for a couple of weeks on some ideas. In the meantime I caught up on the history of the establishment, as well as what these guys were trying to do for the future.  I had it in mind to create something with a bit of a gothic theme, the establishment being an old church and all

Stone Church Logo 1Stone Church Logo 2

This is another case where I like to say, “God bless Google Images”, because in a matter of minutes from the start of the project I had found *many* examples of stone arches as they related to my design concept.  The first version of the logo above used the arch with the more intricate stonework, while the latter (and my preferred) version used the simpler, ‘blocky’ style for the arch.

Long story short, the logo wasn’t used — however I did end up with a fairly nice portfolio item that was a lot of fun to work on.  I could definitely envision adapting it to a future project should the opportunity arise.

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