Walking With Dinosaurs was a television series produced by the BBC in 1999, and the company I worked for (IMP) was producing a series of companion books. Being a direct marketing business, the obvious course of action was to produce a mail piece to inform current & potential customers of the product’s existence. Once they knew it existed, the next step was to bludgeon them over the head with pricing & premium offers. FREE! FREE! FREE! … etc.

Yours truly (natch) was charged with designing this mail piece. Here’s the final layout (sans text) that includes the book from the offer, and below of course you’ll find the original Photoshop file as well as three alternates.

WWD final w/o bookWWD alternate - 1WWD alternate - 2WWD alternate - 3
After the first & second Jurassic Park movies came out, seemingly every dinosaur-related piece of material featured the Velociraptor, one of the predominant species in the films. IMP wasn’t about to about to buck the trend, but I’m still not sure if that particular layout was as strong as some of the others. I might have preferred to go with the 1st or 3rd alternate, although that giant foot could be construed as too ‘Pythonesque’.

By the way, a little Googling informed me that the ‘Velociraptor’ depicted in the movie was actually closer to a Utahraptor, as the actual Velociraptor was only about a third of the size of an average human being. Learning is fun!


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