A few years back I got in touch with an old colleague and softball teammate of mine, and it turns out he was living up in New Hampshire and had just helped to purchase a music club called The Stone Church.  Naturally I offered up my services as a designer, although I suspected the budget [...]

No, not *that* Men’s Health, rather a direct-mail men’s health product I had been helping to develop for IMP. It never made it past the testing stage, but have a look at some logos I’d been tinkering with: I also started thinking about the various categories for the product itself, as well as fleshing out [...]

Were you ever so sure about how well an idea was *supposed* to work, only to completely change gears and go in the opposite direction? A few days ago I found these rough sketches for Xtralean’s Shutterbug in an old notebook, and by the looks of things I was dead set on creating an icon [...]

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the folks over at Xtralean Software, and it all began with an icon for a little program named ImageWell. I went digging through my archives recently and found a couple of ‘alternate’ versions of the final design (inset, left). While they’re nowhere near the style (or [...]