A lot of material in my lil’ notebook is usually derived from some slice of everyday life or humanity, but the following obviously has no basis in any reality (none that I’m a part of anyway).  I present for your approval, the Justice League of Guys with Appliances for Heads: The reason you’re not seeing [...]

Sometimes I get more material in an hour of channel surfing than I would trying to think up this stuff on my own. Recognize anyone?

Sometimes you just do things to amuse yourself — or, in my case, sometimes you do things to help you learn a piece of software and amuse yourself at the same time. Back in 2001, when I was teaching myself how to animate in Flash, I decided to try a bit of digital cartooning in [...]

I admit I’m not the most interesting or entertaining subject for a cartoon, but I do happen to be an expert on the material… I seem to look different in just about every doodle – not sure why, but it’s probably because I don’t have a self-portrait on my desk for reference. Anyway, here’s yours [...]

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