When I worked for IMP, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a lot of new product development – not only for the standard direct-mail fare (books, cards, binders, etc.) but for several alternate mediums that the company expressed interest in exploring. One particular round of development called for a fitness product, and [...]

As with the soccer team, I signed up for softball pretty soon after I became a permanent employee at IMP. I also happened to be teaching myself how to program & animate in (Macromedia) Flash at the time, and thought it would be fun to create a short intro movie for the team’s web site [...]

Sometimes you just do things to amuse yourself — or, in my case, sometimes you do things to help you learn a piece of software and amuse yourself at the same time. Back in 2001, when I was teaching myself how to animate in Flash, I decided to try a bit of digital cartooning in [...]

‘Garage of Pain’ sounds a bit like where the movie ‘Saw’ might have taken place, but it’s actually a nickname for a series of LAN parties that a friends and I organize and participate in. For the very first party (May of 2002), about six or seven of us set up our computers in the [...]

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