One of the more interesting projects I worked on was a web site for a local wedding band. I was contacted by one of the musicians who knew little about web design but knew exactly what he wanted – my favorite type of client, by the way. The final product turned out to be only [...]

In my previous position at Boardoom, Inc., I mostly handled a lot of pre-press duties, but I also helped to design many mail pieces, not the least of which included several ‘tabloids’, which is industry-speak for a direct marketing brochure that folded out much like a city newspaper (i.e. The New York Post) — and [...]

Photoshop is one of those applications that many people can certainly take for granted, and a lot of designers that have it could probably get away with using something a *lot* less powerful for their every day needs, myself included.  However every once in a while (seems like a great while lately), I’ll get to [...]

When I worked for IMP, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a lot of new product development – not only for the standard direct-mail fare (books, cards, binders, etc.) but for several alternate mediums that the company expressed interest in exploring. One particular round of development called for a fitness product, and [...]

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